Installed services

We are the only 3M Pro Shop Dealer in Orange County California.

We are 3M Certified for installations of 3M Clear Bra PPF Film, 3M Window Tint, and 3M Chrome Deletes.

3M Pro Shop Dealers demonstrate the highest level of expertise and service with 3M Automotive Window Film and Paint Protection Film Products.

If you're not in Southern California, just click this LINK to find a 3M Pro Shop Dealer in your area.

During installations we welcome our customers to take a test drive in the Worlds Best E-Bike, a Pedego. Ride it around the block or take it to lunch while you wait.


The installation services listed below are installed at our shop in South Orange County California.

Call us or text for more information at (949) 988-0750.




Model 3 Stealth Wrap