Vinyl materials

Vinyl Wrap Standard Materials & Colors


Our Tesla vinyl decals & wraps are

available in any color from our list below.

To see the colors on a Tesla just click on the Tesla Colors Tab.


Standard Vinyl Material List:


Accent Decal Details     Manufacturer's OEM P/N #


Black Carbon Fiber             3M Series 1080-SF12

Red Reflective Avery                 Avery Reflective

Red Non-Reflect Hot Rod     3M Series 1080-G13

Black Glossy                         3M Series 1080-G12

Black Satin - Flat                   3M Series 1080-S12

Black Matte Deep                 3M Series 1080-M22

Brushed Black Metal         3M Series 1080-BR212

White Carbon Fiber             3M Series 1080-CF10

White Satin - Flat                 3M Series 1080-S10

Carbon Fiber Anthracite     3M Series 1080-CF201

Burnt Orange Glossy             3M Series 1080-G14

Deep Blue Metallic             3M Series 1080-G217


Custom Colors also available, see all of the 3M choices below.

Just click the photo for a link to a larger pdf file.